Denali Likes Blogs

How Denali Flavors, an $80 million ice cream company, is using blogs successfully.
Heather Green

Just got an email about business blogging from Denali Flavors, an $80 million ice cream, that hasn't taken a holiday fright from the Forbes article on blogging. Apparently for all of $700, John Nardini, the company's vice president of marketing, created four blogs to hit different consumer interests. Of course, this doesn't include the cose of blogging time. But they say they're having a positive impact on drawing people to Denali's main Web site. According to Denali pr, site visits are up 25.7% while the total time spent on the site is up 23.4%.

The four blogs are, Moosetopia, an entertainment blog about the company's mascot; Denali Flavors, about the company, and Team Moose Tracks, the company's cycling team that's raising money for an orphanage. Now this last one, I am a little hazy on. It's apparently a site sponsored by Denali...Free Money Finance;

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