Blog Backlash Is Officially On

The blog backlash has definitely begun, with Forbes cover story labeling blogs as
Heather Green

The blog backlash has definitely begun. Forbes just published a cover story, (requires free subscription) labeling blogs "the prized platform of lynch mobs."

They can be that, of course, because lynch mobs will use whatever mechanism they have on hand, whether its the flaming torch or the blog to take down someone. And as mass media moves to participatory media, we'll see more of these skirmishes happening front and center on our browsers.

But, companies learned to navigate the new power that the Internet gave individuals in the 1990s by figuring out how to build Web sites, reach out with innovative marketing online, build money making businesses, sue for libel or copyright infringement whenever they thought appropriate, and monitor discussion groups. And they will learn how to handle this new evolution.

Companies learn to evolve with technology and invariably they figure out their role and how to get their message across and how they can build communities with individuals and how to profit from these bridges, whether it's Lego figuring out how to use online evangelists to help sell new trains or Whirlpool reaching out to families in all their forms with its podcasts.

Technologies are used by people, and companies can figure out how to deal with people. That's their job.

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