Sony Seeks New Ideas

Sony has announced an audition to find new game ideas. Named Game Yaroze! 2006 (meaning 'Let's Play Games'), its goal is to find raw game-design talent.

The initiative will cover a variety of positions including planners, designers and programmers. The original Game Yaroze program began in 1995 with the launch of the original PlayStation and yielded games like Dokodemo Issho. In its first five years, years, Sony says it received received around 1,200 ideas.

Game Yaroze 2006 is a global idea, with entrants able to take part no matter where they are from. Amateurs and professionals alike are invited. The idea must run on a PS3 or PSP, and cover games or general entertainment. It must be submitted by the end of February.

Any projects that are accepted will be taken on by Sony's Japanese PlayStation division and seen through to completion.

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