Boston housing...on the rise????

Dean Foust

The Bay State Realtors picked a curious time -- given that interest rates are rising, and many housing markets are starting to soften -- to issue a report predicting that Boston housing was going to keep rising ever-upward in coming years. The report -- titled ``Refuting the Bubble'' -- claims Bay State home prices likely ``will continue to rise rather than decline in the coming months and years,'' according to this account in the Boston Herald. Karl Case, a housing economist at Wellesley College, was quoted as being at least mildly skeptical of the Realtor's conclusions. Among the headwinds are lackluster job growth, an exodus of residents to other areas, and a high housing price-to-income ratio. We have a raging debate occurring on this blog on the Washington DC housing market, but nothing on Boston. I'm curious what Bostonians are seeing in the local housing market.

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