Bacon's updates media guide with blog info

Bacon's seeks blogger information for PR database
Stephen Baker

For anyone who still doubts that bloggers will increasingly be targeted for PR campaigns, consider this e-mail I just got from Bacon's. Note: No mention of BusinessWeek.

Dear Mr. Stephen Baker Blogspotting I am writing from Bacon's Information, a national source of media information for corporations and public relations professionals. We are asking for your help in updating our blog database by completing the following survey. This information will assist us in updating your FREE listing in Bacon's online media databases and print directories. Feel free to also include any contact preferences you have, including what types of information you would or would not like to receive from public relations professionals. You may reply to this e-mail, fax your updated information to 800-922-2477 or contact us at any time at Please contact me with questions or comments.
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