Inside view of AOL-Weblogs merger: Instant messaging a go-go

Jason Calacanis describes AOL-Weblogs merger featuring torrents of AIM messages
Stephen Baker

Jason Calacanis gives us an inside glimpse of the AOL-Weblogs merger, week two. A huge part of the communications, it seems, is on instant chat. He has 100 Weblogs Inc colleagues on AIM, and has now added 25 AOL execs to his buddy list. "...Two minutes into these big meetings," he writes, "everyone just looks at each other and says “OK, great idea.. let’s do it!” We then all run back to our laptops and pound out a bunch of IMs and start working."

I know I'm sounding like an old fogey, but I've turned off my AIM. An open AIM is just begging to be interrupted. Sometimes I'd like to turn off e-mail and the phone, too. Calacanis' workday, while productive, must be madness.

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