Kurt Andersen on Judy Miller and Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.

The following quotes come from Kurt Andersen's

The following quotes come from Kurt Andersen’s “Imperial City” in the next issue of New York magazine, which hits (with great bluntness) on Monday:

[Last Sunday’s New York Times epic] “rather shockingly depicts the infamous Judy Miller that media and political types have chattered about for decades, a supremely well-coneected prima donna loathed by many of her colleagues, a loose cannon who recklessly disregards conventional boundaries—between fact and propaganda, friend and subject, friend and source, friend and boss, boyfriend and subject and source … Miller’s martyred St. Judy of Journalism pose is galling.”

“Arthur Sulzberger [Jr.] is sort of the George W. Bush of media. Both are the preppy, baby-boom sons of distinguished, understated, preppy fathers. Both are big outdoor exercise buffs, both are insecure but cocky, both have a bratty streak, both are prone to inappropriate jocularity. And each presides from within an insular management bublle. Bush is also steadfastly loyal … Sulzberger seems slipperier, yuppier … We shouldn’t be surprised when his unwavering support of his sorry pal Judy Miller suddenly … ends.”

“Sulzberger is not going to fire himself. Indeed, he affects a kind of la-di-dah disregard for the whole horrible bungle.”

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