A growing headache for the database giants

Steve Hamm

Mainstream database software companies that have been watching open-source upstart MySQL in their rearview mirrors must be having some uncomfortable thoughts right about now. According to a user survey released Oct. 20 by market researcher Evans Data Corp., open-source database deployments in corporations are up 20% in the past six months, and use of MySQL is up 25%. Forty-four percent of corporate software developers surveyed said they use MySQL software. In the coming months, MySQL's growth rate could hockeystick. The company plans this month on shipping the fifth version of its software, which has been under development for 2 1/2 years. This version includes enhancements that make it capable of handling many of the jobs that are now done using expensive databases from Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. That could put a real damper on prices and revenue growth in a $15 billion industry.

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