Half-Life Modders Show Commercial Game

Half-Life mod developer Black Widow Games announced today its first commercial project, They Hunger: Lost Souls.

Powered by Valve's Half-Life 2 Source engine, the survival horror PC game is based on the They Hunger mod series. Based in 1960s Eastern Europe, it's a grizzly tale of zombies and Commies.

Designer Neil Manke explained, "It's first-person action game planned to take full advantage of the superior graphics, physics and new gameplay possibilities provided by the new Source technology.

"Without the previous technical restrictions of the now seven years old Half-Life 1 engine, we have been able to produce a brand new game far more exciting and creative than any simple sequel or remake could ever be. Fans of the original series should still recognize the basic gameplay style, although this is an independent story with no previous knowledge required."

Commercial development

The game is currently 75% complete and has been in development for a year. No release date or publishing deal has been announced.

Speaking about its transition from mod to commercial development Manke added, "Next generation game engines are so complex and detailed that we would never be able to invest so much time and resources for such an ambitious project any other way. Right now we are still working out the pricing and distribution options, but our goal is a low cost alternative so it can be available for just a fraction of other commercial games."

Formed in 1997, Black Widow Games has released 14 contract-work game projects for the Quake and Half-Life technologies, freely distributed as promotional material. They Hunger for Half-Life 1 was originally produced as a series of free mods contracted by PC Gamer Magazine. It offered a total of 64 levels, 83 monster types, and over 20 hours of gameplay.

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