Apple Should Help Video Blogging Stand Out

Apple should create a special button, right on the front page of its iTunes store, for indie videos and video blogs.
Heather Green

Jeff Jarvis wrote, oh entire days ago, that he was pleased to see that iTunes does include video blogs and that two of his favorites, Rocketboom and Diggnation, were among them. I am glad as well, but think that Apple should do more to help video blogs help Apple.

There isn't much purchasable video on iTunes right now. So, Apple should help make it easier for people to find alternative types of video, such as video blogs. But by putting video blogs under the podcasting section of iTunes, I don't think they're doing anyone much good.

Face it, people are still just learning what podcasting is, and for most of the world podcasting means audio. So few are going to make the connection that pocasting and video blogging are related because they both use the RSS standard for distribtion.

That's why I think that Apple should create a video blogging button or at the very least indie video button within its music store and place it right under the Movie Trailer and TV Show buttons that are there now. And fine, they can call them whatever they want, video podcasts, vlogs, vidcasts, whatever. Go crazy, Apple.

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