Running blog stories late in the magazine

Magazines like BusinessWeek aren't yet in sync with the blog world--and it's up to mainstream bloggers to fix that.
Stephen Baker

A little nudge from Phil Gomes about running the BW article on Jeff Jarvis's tilt against Dell nine weeks after his first post.

Yes, it's true, the magazine is not entirely in sync with the blogs, and that's partly the fault of mainstream bloggers like us. We should be flagging stories from the blogworld to the mag. But too often we consider ongoing blog dramas as old news--without realizing that they're still fresh to many who don't read blogs. Last week I flagged one on a . The Jarvis piece came up at a meeting when we were discussing Dell, and I mentioned off-hand that Dell was running into some interference in the blog world... Next thing you know, it's a story.

Now I'm thinking that we should be writing every week about something new popping up in the blogs, whether it's a new controversy, technology, or a new blog. Much of it won't be news to those of you reading this. But we're still a minority, aren't we?

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