Mandel goes to startup school

Michael Mandel

Last Saturday I went to startup school in Boston (Memo to the editor-in-chief: No, I'm not about to leave BW to start a new company).

Actually, I had a great time as one of the speakers at an all-day program for potential entrepreneurs (the website is, and the list of speakers is here). More than 500 startup-minded people (mostly young) from all over the country and all over the world (including Austria, Portugal, and Spain) came to hear successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, tech accountants, and tech lawyers tell them how to do it, and better yet, how not to do it.

The list of speakers included Steve Wozniak (who came right behind me, an intimidating prospect), Steve Wolfram, and Chris Sacca, who does new business development for Google.

The organizers of the startup school are going to post audio and video of the sessions sometime this week. When they do, I will put up a link here. Later today I will also type up the notes of my talk, which may or may not correspond with what I actually said.

For the viewpoint of some attendees at the startup school, see here, here, and here.

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