CBS and the Show Blogs

Will there be a point when we say enough?
Heather Green

Will there be a point when we say enough? "I don't want a blog from the co-producer of the new remake of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley." Well, probably not, if the blog features pictures of the British actress.

I do wonder when enough is enough,though, after reading the latest press release from CBS about the seven blogs they have or plan to launch around shows including CSI: Miami and Survivor: Guatemala. Not that I am dinging CBS. I think they're one of the most aggressive in organically adapting to Web 2.0, by mining what they have to create podcasts, blogs, and even short term video blogs. They make mistakes, but they're trying by doing, rather than by buying, as Newscorp is doing.

But the question is when do people not want a Survivor blog? And I guess the simplest answer is when it looks like something that's just an opportunistic, flat use of blogging. I don't think the Survivor blog is quite that, though I do wish they would open it up for comments.

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