With India and China, can we manage innovation in a post-geographic way?

Bruce Nussbaum

We are all fascinated with how our worklives are radically changing. We talk about the difficulty of managing innovation across cultures and across distances, but is the real boundary biology? I am indebted to Brad Nemer at Motorola for some terrific insights into the issue. He lives a post-geographic life, as do many of us. Motorola, like Boeing, Nike, Apple, Citigroup, Fedex, you name it, are all basically globally connected now. Nemer knows Motorola so lets talk about that. It operates in 70 plus countries. Teams work on a standardized IT platform across three continents. Everyone has a laptop, email address, mobil phone, IM account, and global intranet access. Working with people in Singapore or Sunnyvale is transparent. There are lots of times when you don't even know where team members are--and don't care. Sound familiar?

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