AOL and everyone

The crowning irony of all this would be if a deal with AOL that involves (pick at least one) Comcast, Google or Microsoft becomes the one move from a media conglomerate that manages to boost its stock price.

In narrative terms, it would be the perfect third act to the whole AOL Time Warner drama. (Fourth act? Fifth?) It would also be a perfect nyah-nyah to Rupert Murdoch, who’s spent over a billion on smallish ‘Net deals that haven’t budged the stock.

For years one constant at Time Warner was a litany of terrible things that Time Warner execs said about AOL in the first years after the merger. It’s interesting today that news of any talks about AOL leaks like a sieve these days. Anyway, at least there’s no one around here who said merger-mania was dead and made fun of how no deal resulted from AOL and Microsoft’s (breathlessly reported) previous talks. (coughing>)

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