MOMA SAFE design exhibit is brilliant.

Bruce Nussbaum

There was a design/innovation/creativity double-header this week in New York City with the opening night celebration of the new Paola Antonelli exhibit of SAFE design at MOMA on the same night that TED head Chris Andersen held a celebritory soiree at his downtown loft for the winners of the new TED prize. Sorry this sounds more like gossip than serious analysis but the Tuesday night did bring out all the top designers in their fancy dress (black, of course) who were either in the exhibit, won an award or just wanted to drink, network and have fun. Yves Behar, for one, appeared to be doing all three. His work is in the exhibit and he flew in from San Francisco.

The conceit of the show, that we design our shelter, our products and our emotions to make ourselves feel safe in an unsafe world, works and works well. You connect immediately and personally. It provokes you. The 300 objects are often surprising--and beautiful. I met Paola at her first MOMA exhibit on Materials that began the rush into using new high tech materials in new, creative ways. This SAFE exhibit is her post-9/11 ode to life.

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