Ipod Video Vs the Nano--Too Much Apple?

Bruce Nussbaum

The new iPod Video is clearly the start of a media revolution that will drive established film and TV companies into a frenzy while making consumers who want what they want when they want it very happy. It's all about media disaggregation and personal mobility. Apple's deal with Disney will break the dam of media distribution. TV affiliates and movie theatre companies should be very scared. Apple is partnering well with the content kings--first music, now film.

But I wonder if all the millions of customers who bought Nano iPods in the past few weeks are all that happy. Jeff Jarvis points out that there are those in his family who would have waited for the video iPod had they known it was coming out. I suspect there may be tens of thousands of people--or more--who feel the same way. Now, there are plenty of reasons to still buy a Nano--once you pick it up, you want it. But releasing the Nano and the video iPods so closely together may overload the Apple brand. Did the deal with Disney come through sooner than unexpectedly? I don't know

I never thought it possible, but can you design and create too much good stuff in too short a time? Unfortunately, this is not a problem for the vast majority of companies in the world. Only Apple and maybe three or four other design-focussed companies--and their customers--have to deal with that conundrum.

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