DOOM 3: Resurrection Of Evil Review

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Three Stars
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Doom 3 is making a second appearance on the Xbox, this time in the form of the PC expansion, Resurrection of Evil. Playing as another nameless (and really ugly) marine, you can blaze through the mysterious Martian space colony slaughtering demons with a bevy of high powered and manly weapons including this strange artifact that slows down time, allowing you to pull off some crazy Matrix like shenanigans. It's a fun ride while it lasts, "lasts" being the key word. I conquered the single player campaign in about five hours (and I was going slow) and things just aren't as fleshed out as in the prequel. Sure, it's nothing more than an expansion, and after all, no one wanted more Doom 3 action than yours truly, but dropping $29.99 onto a title that's not only too short but too damn easy doesn't sit well with me. I thoroughly enjoyed Resurrection of Evil, but it's like taking a small bite of pizza instead of eating the whole slice. It's such a tease.

The Score:

+ More run-and-gun Doom 3 goodness, this time with some new weapons and monsters.

+ Some slight frame rate issues, but this is still one of the best looking Xbox games that I've ever played.

+ The inclusion of Classic Doom is much appreciated.

+ Online play is solid, if a bit dated.

- The new weapons make the game too easy.

- I killed Dr. Betruger and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Five hours!?! Come on. Get that PC expansion stuff outta here!

- The multiplayer component is the same old id Software stuff that we've been playing for years.

Bottom Line:

Resurrection is yet another quality product from Activision, id Software, and INSERT DEVELOPER (in this case, Nerve) HERE. The best part is, unlike PC users, you don't need save data from Doom 3 in order to enjoy it, and enjoy it you probably will. I just wish there was a little more to it, especially since the last quarter of game is quite rushed.

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