Good Hands Or Slow, Lonesome, Agonizing Death: You Decide

While at a marketing conference last weekend, I interviewed the Chief Marketing Officer of Allstate, Joe Tripodi. He’s a good-humored salesguy from the old-school—talkative, affable, proudly unfashionable. I liked him immediately.

What I liked even more, though, were the Allstate TV commercials he showed during his presentation to attendees. As you can imagine, the audience had been peppered with all manner of whiz-bang, slick-surfaced, of-the-moment ads backed with enough “hip” electronic music to make your teeth hurt.

Allstate’s ads went straight for the stark. There were four, each of which boiled down to very simple statements: You might almost die in a car wreck. You might get sued. Your identity might get stolen. And—well, the opening line for another was “It took only two minutes for this town to be destroyed.” Backing music pretty much consisted of slowly rising, subsonic bass drones that evoke mounting dread.

You can watch them all here. Click on “Be Prepared,” “Chair,” “Teddy Bear,” and “Identity Theft.” As Tripodi put it after screening “Chair” (the “You might get sued” one), “the echo in the courtroom creates an interesting emotional bond.”

Oh, it does, Joe. It does.

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