Apple's nano can be scratched--and wash and dried.

Bruce Nussbaum

Apple appears to have disappointed investors and the stock market even though its fourth quarter profits zoomed on sales of iPods and Macs. It didn't live up to the wildest expectations of some analysts and got whacked in after-market trading. When it comes to Apple, expectations are extremely high. People expect surprises. But I don't think they expected this one--Apple is apparently designing iPods that you can wash! Yes, folks, you can wash and dry the Nano. It may be prone to stratching but you can actually wash it and it will play. At least according to one blog.

You can, apparently, also drop it, step on it, run over it, and maybe even run over it. At least according to


one blog.

I remember when Motorola came out with the first MicroTak (I know at least three people who still have them, they love them so much). I was at a presentation when the head of design at the time, standing up on stage, suddenly threw the Microtak way across the room. It crashed against the wall and the room was stunned and fell silent. The design guy calmly walked off the stage, down the aisle to the back of the room, picked up the MicroTak and, without a word, turned it on. The cell phone worked. Wow. Smiles all round. Very powerful. Putting a Nano through the rise cycle isn't quite as powerful but it is impressive.

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