Serenity may be product placement free. Wow.

Bruce Nussbaum

Joss Whedon's movie Serenity, is simply terrific. Like all great science fiction, it is set in the future, but the story-telling elements that make it so wonderful are very traditional. It has a set of strong characters, a powerful theme of right and wrong, a compelling narrative, lots of action, tons of humor--and no product placements. Sorry, this isn't a movie review but a review of a movie that I found enjoyable partly because I wasn't bombarded with a series of products in frame after frame. I wonder if the public in general is beginning to get weary of the avalanche of product placements coming at them. Have product placements peaked as a form of marketing?

The most annoying product placements are the ones that seem out of place. Audi, for example, is quite adept at placing it's cars in movies. It worked in Transporter 2 but it was jaring to see Audi so prominently displayed in I, Robot


It may very well be that product placements continue to work in contempory movie situations but blatantly extending brands hundreds of years into the future risks a backlash from consumers.

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