Are CEOs naive about innovation?

Bruce Nussbaum

A recent BCG survey shows a disquieting gap between CEOs and their top managers over the criticial issue of innovation. The full report, industry by industry, will be available on the I&D channel shortly but here's a peak at some of the results.
1- Some 81% of CEOs believe innovation is a top priority for their companies while only 63% of lower-level execs share this view.
2- Some 76% of CEOs believe their companies foster a culture of innovation, but 51% of lower level execs and employees disagree.
3- Some 66% of CEOs say their senior management teams share a common view on managing innovation but only 53% of non-CEOs agree.
4- Some 56% of CEOs believe their companies have the right organization structure already in place to generate innovation. But 56% of lower-level people do not agree.

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