Timeline on the report that AOL buys Weblogs

Blogs put together a timeline of the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal while it's happening
Stephen Baker

Everyone is picking up Rafat Ali's report that AOL is buying Jason Calacanis's Weblogs Inc. Big story, but I was interested in putting together the timeline.

Calacanis blogs the We Media panel and laments that Al Gore blew it off. He links to Rafat Ali for audio and text of the goings on. Rafat Ali, meantime, spots Calacanis sporting an AOL tote bag and somehow gets the scoop that AOL is buying Calacanis's blog group. Calacanis, presumably millions of dollars richer, grabs an evening flight to the West Coast, but not before cheering on the Yankees (who blew the game while he was over Wyoming or Utah). Maybe he's on the same flight with Jeff Jarvis, who also blogged the scoop before flying West.

Hey, it's not Barbarians at the Gate, but the blogs give us a tick tock on breaking news.

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