Tech Support Done Right

Rob Hof

I'm posting this from home only because I've managed to get my wireless network back up and running after more than a week of frustration. Frustration not only with my network suddenly going kablooey for no obvious reason--except possibly the (haha) upgrade of my wireless router software--but with the complete lack of tech support from anyone I've paid good money to buy products and services from. Calling customer support at just about any tech company today is simply an exercise in futility. They should be ashamed.

Instead, the reason I'm up and running (at least for now) is thanks to regular (but smarter) folks out there. In my case, it's the kind volunteers who troll the forums at, in particular, who are my current personal heroes. They have a wealth of very good suggestions, most of which (unlike much of anything on the Websites of Earthlink and Linksys) actually seemed to work. Not only that, they personally answered my particular questions, for no other apparent reason than that they like to help. , indeed.

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