MBAs and MFAs should date.

Bruce Nussbaum

I've often thought that one of the reasons why business people and design people can't communicate well is that they didn't date in college. They didn't listen to the same music. Didn't go to the same classes. Didn't go to the same movies. Wore different clothes. Went to different bars. Fast forward a few years in the land of business and no wonder they still can't talk to one another even though they find themselves on the same team trying to develop a new product or service.

I have a solution. Go to the library and borrow one. Business people should go to the public library and take out a desingner for a day or two. And designers should go to the library and borrow a business major. Yes, I know this is impossible right now but in the Netherlands, they've started a program of lending out people. The townspeople of Almelo, apparently, aren't too comfortble with drug addicts, homosexuals, gypsies, asylum seekers, the physically handicapped and lesbians so a local library is making them available to borrow for 45 minute meetings.

Without commenting on Dutch illiberal society, I think we can borrow the form of library lending to bridge the gap between MBAs and MFAs. If you won't date one, then borrow one. Do it for the team.

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