Fighting that old charge of elitism

Rebuttal of a complaint that the privileged on get their comments greenlighted faster than everyone else.
Stephen Baker

More suspicions that we're up to MSM tricks, stacking the deck for the influential. This, from a comment by Dov Prombaum:

There are some people whose comments are posted immediately, i.e., within minutes, and others, like mine, that don't get posted for two days. There are obviously privileged users and then ordinary users and its the same old elitism all over again.

As I've said before, I regret that comments can't go up automatically on this site. We have no interest in holding up comments and making the system slower than it is. On weekends, I try to check at least a couple of times a day. But when I'm on the road, as I was the last weekend in September (in WiFi-less motels in Chicago and Madison), comments can back up like the planes at O'Hare. Heather doesn't have weekend access to the network. Dov, when we're slow, we're every bit as slow for the rich and powerful. We'll try to be faster.

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