Tailor-made skincare for men

Not all skin is created equal and these days nor are all skincare products. A mismatched routine is the equivalent of wearing a jacket that's too big or trousers desperately in need of hemming. Much like a bespoke suit, a grooming regime should be tailored to meet your skin's individual needs. Generally, a man's face belongs to one of three skin types: oily, dry or combination, which is why customising your skincare will provide the best possible fit.


If your nose and forehead shine like a beacon and you get the occasional spot, then there's a good chance you have oily skin. Men's skin produces more sebum than women's, but it can speed into overdrive. As a result products with oil should be avoided. Try exfoliating cleansers along with peppermint and witch hazel. To seal the deal, use an oil-controlling moisturiser to keep skin supple and smooth.

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One of the biggest concerns with combination skin is finding the right balance. Your nose might be oily, but your cheeks are dry and flaky. So enlist the services of products that cover all bases. No one wants to stand in front of the mirror with a multitude of fiddly bottles, applying a touch here but not there. You need the Goldilocks of grooming: nothing too harsh, nothing too weak, it has to be just right.

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Dry skin presents itself in several ways: tightness, white flaky areas and redness. It is also sensitive and easily irritated. Often it can be the result of lifestyle conditions such as travel, climate or dehydration from drinking alcohol, but dry skin is about as attractive as dandruff. Harsh cleansers will only make the situation worse, while thick moisturisers run the risk of clogging pores. Instead seek out products that are soap and fragrance free with soothing and calming agents like aloe vera and chamomile. And drink plenty of water.

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Words Lee Wallick

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