The business blog backlash is nigh

Sure, most CEOs don't have the time to blog. But will they consider blogging a waste of time for everyone else?
Stephen Baker

How long will it be before a parade of CEOs and other top execs turn their backs on blogging with a dismissive 'Been There, Done That?' It's the rare CEO who has the time and energy and openness to blog. Jupiter's Alan Meckler? He'll stick with it, I'm betting. You can tell he's into it. He posts often, and it provides him a platform he relishes. GM's Bob Lutz doesn't post much anymore, though he did release a podcast last week. Debbie Weil reports that Intel's Paul Otellini blogs internally only every week or 10 days--to mixed response.

The skinny: Blogs are powerful tools, but only when the bloggers are ready and willing to dive in. Most CEOs simply don't have the time. The danger for them, as they take stock of their experiments, is to conclude that other blogging efforts within their companies will be as tepid as their own.

Anyone know of a CEO blog that's hot these days?
UPDATE: Here's a link on the issue Dave Taylor sent along.

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