Five Keys to Reputation Management, in Business and Life

1) Humility in the midst of crisis is also one of our greatest tools, but we tend to dismiss it due to tremendous false pride and fear.

2) The court of law is only half the picture in reputation management and is usually short-term, while the court of public opinion is long-term and holds the key to your reputation — which is everything.

3) Lawyers are not experts in the court of public opinion. Seasoned PR professionals are the experts in the court of public opinion.

4) There’s a big difference between an image and a reputation. An image is often short-term (like an image on a pond — an illusion or fake) and not entirely based on truth, and when uncovered, can be a big risk. Like building a house on shifting sand.

5) Excellent reputations are built with the bricks of honesty, accountability, and transparency, which help develop true character and integrity — like building a house with a solid foundation — and with consistency, could last a lifetime.

Mike Paul President MGP & Associates PR New York

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