Inside "Dell Hell"

Rob Hof

My colleague Louise Lee's new story digging into Dell's customer-service challenges won't come as a surprise to the many folks who commented on a post that asked for people's experiences with the PC giant. (Thanks!)

The story points up a lesson to PC buyers that, increasingly, you get what you pay for: Inexpensive PCs mean minimal support. But while cutting support costs is entirely understandable in this cutthroat business, I question whether this is the best place to save money. Even someone who paid $500 for a PC darn well expects the thing to work, period. And if it doesn't, you can't blame them for wanting good, fast fixes. Whether it's providing adequate support or building better products that just work, technology providers need to step up to the plate. Sell stuff that people are delighted with, instead of stuff that they merely endure, and maybe they might be willing to pay a few bucks more.

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