A Plea to Business Survivors

Let's get businesses impacted by Katrina BACK UP and RUNNING...

I would like to help create and publish a list of companies that were impacted by Katrina. Instead of waiting for someone in an official position to put this together -- I'd like to help now with what I can do.

If you lost a businesses due to Katrina -- I want to know what you need and how we can help. I will try to find business owners (not impacted by Katrina) who have the resources and desire to help you. We who have our businesses up and running can work together to help those who have lost their businesses to get back on solid ground.

For those who have had their businesses destroyed or are unable to open back up -- please send me your company name, skill set, products or what your specialty is, where you were located and any new contact information you have. Let me know what you need (be it computers, paper, phones, etc.). Please let me know how I can contact you as well if I have questions.

I can help to get this information to other business owners who want to donate the products or services you need.

It's a small step -- but I hope that this can provide many hard working, caring business owners with the boost they need to get back up and running. I know how much working and being able to provide for my family means to me -- I hope I can help you not only recoup what you lost but build a bigger business with the support of other good, hard-working, and caring business owners.

Send information to: saaron@freshmarketing.com

Shari Aaron

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