But How Many Americans Have *Working* Broadband Access?

Rob Hof

"Two Out of Every Five Americans Have Broadband Access at Home," says a new study to be released Wednesday by Nielsen//NetRatings. "90% of those Americans have bought a second wireless router after having smashed the first one with a hammer."


Just kidding on that last sentence. Can you tell I've been having problems with my wireless network? For no reason I can yet divine, my connection is suddenly going up and down more than the Nasdaq. (Mostly down lately.) Since I don't have several hours to spend on the phone with a Linksys tech "support" guy reading from a script that I've already printed out from the company's Web site, I keep monkeying around with router settings, installing new firmware, and the like, while people on DSLReports.com tell me to disable MTU settings. And wouldn't you know that Windows' System Restore, which I used to carefully set restore points before each change, has decided you can never go home again?

At this point, I'm ready to chuck my whole computer setup out onto the Bayshore Freeway and start over. I wonder how long millions of folks even less tech-savvy than I will put up with this.

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