Apple's iPod and applesauce

Bruce Nussbaum

Is Apple facing a consumer backlash over the iPod that will make applesauce of its reputation? A really smart innovation consultant, Larry Keeley of Doblin, Inc. thinks this may be the case. Now Keeley is no Apple-basher. In fact, he believes Apple is one of the most innovative companies in the world. Why? It innovates in many kinds of innovative spaces simultaneously. This sharply increases the chances of success. Keeley says that the iPod broke the MP3 mold by innovating in 7 types of innovation. But he says Apple may have blown it with the iPod batteries.

You know the story. Hard to replace. Expensive. An early web campaign by loyal iPoders angry at Apple over the batteries. But most of the millions of average consumers who bought their iPods are oblivious to this inside-Apple culture fight. Lots of them bought their iPods a year or so ago and may soon find their batteries going down. Or dead. Keeley thinks this may produce a serious backlash. Think sales, profits, stock price. I don't know if Keeley is right. But we'll soon see.

Hmmm. Just went to Apple's site to see if there was a photo of an iPod I might download and found this other battery problem listed. Does Apple have a thing with batteries?

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