Six Sigma to failure

Bruce Nussbaum

You can't Six Sigma your way to innovation. I said that to a business school audience a while back and made a lot of students and professors very angry. It undermined their belief system, devalued their curriculum and scared the heck out of the graduating class. But the truth is that Six Sigma is all about process and cost, while innovation is all about the new. Companies led by CEOs trained in Six Sigma (GE has "graduated" thousands of Six-Sigma trained managers) are finding it hard to shift paradigms.
So here's a tip.Seth Godin has another book coming out called The Big Moo. Godin is a fast-talking, really smart, brand/marketing guru who hit it big with his previous book The Purple Cow. This time he's asked 32 really smart thinkers to join him in writing a chapter each on innovation (The Group of 33). It's an impressive crowd with a lot of wisdom. Among them are some of my favorite thinkers--Alan Webber, Malcolm Gladwell, Julie Anixter, Guy Kawasaki, Jacqueline Novogratz, Tom Kelley, Mark Cuban, Daniel Pink and on. All proceeds go to three charities. Godin is also selling the galleys to people who promise to buy a lot of hardcovers. That's pretty creative.

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