No Dark Side to George Lucas

"THX 1138", "American Graffiti," "Star Wars," the Indiana Jones series, and "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" are just some of the movies that filmmaker George Lucas has brought to a theater near you via his privately-held studio, Lucasfilm Ltd., which he founded in 1971. Lucas later also founded the special effects companies Skywalker Sound (initially christened Sprocket Systems, in a momentary lapse of reason) and Industrial Light and Magic. In 1977, Lucasfilm released "Star Wars," which is now the second-highest grossing movie of all time ("Titanic" is the highest), grabbing six Oscars in 1978. The movie marked the start of Lucasfilm and its loyal following on a journey of six feature "Star Wars" films over 28 years. Lucasfilm - online empire A visit to the studio's website opens on an entertaining splash page. Turn up your speakers and circle your pointer over the characters; this neatly captures Lucasfilm's production aesthetic.

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