Norsk Hydro Agrees to Acquire Spinnaker

Oracle announces plans to buy Siebel Systems, and more deal news
Company Symbol Date Price Comment
ALBERTSON'S ABS 9/19/2005 26 U.K.'s The Business newspaper reports Tesco plc considering bidding for ABS.
CENTENNIAL COMMU CYCL 9/19/2005 14 Engages financial advisors to assist in evaluating strategic, finl alternatives.
INTEGRITY FINANC IFCB 9/19/2005 22 FNB to buy: IFCB = 0.8743 FNB share plus $5.20 cash.
SPINNAKER EXPLOR SKE 9/19/2005 64 NHY to buy for $65.50 cash per SKE share.
TBC CORP TBCC 9/19/2005 35 Sumitomo Corp. of America to buy for $35 cash per share.
CERTEGY INC CEY 9/15/2005 39 To merge with FNF: 0.6396 CEY = FNF
UICI UCI 9/15/2005 36 Private equity firms led by Blackstone Group to buy: $37 = UCI
IMAGE ENTERTAINM DISK 9/14/2005 4 Receives unsolicited proposal to enter into sale negotiations with LGF, which already owns about 19% of DISK's shares.
LINENS'N THINGS LIN 9/14/2005 28 FT reports LIN considering sale, has hired CS First Boston to examine options.
BAYCORP HOLDINGS MWH 9/13/2005 14 Sloan Group Ltd. to buy: $14.19 = MWH
GTECH HOLDINGS GTK 9/12/2005 32 Gets non-binding preliminary expression of interest from unidentified 3rd party regarding potential acquisition of co.
HECTOR COMMUN HCT 9/12/2005 29 Receives $30.25/share takeover bid from Opportunity Partners LP.
SIEBEL SYSTEMS SEBL 9/12/2005 10 ORCL to buy: $10.66 = SEBL
WESTCORP, INC WES 9/12/2005 62 WB to buy: 1.2749 WB = WES
WFS FINANCIAL WFSI 9/12/2005 71 WB to buy 16% stake in WFSI it does not already own for $490M.
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