Still waiting for Bloglines search

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Stephen Baker

Back in the spring, Bloglines CEO Mark Fletcher promised to launch a world-class blog search by summer. He elaborated on what's needed in July. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn, and we're still waiting.

To be fair, blog search is a thorny puzzle, and if Bloglines pulls it off as promised, few will care that it arrived a month or two late. But if Bloglines' parent, AskJeeves, is going to make a serious run at Google and Yahoo, it will need top quality blog search.

In a comment to my post asking for advice on blog search, Steve Rubel notes that many of the search engines only explore summaries of posts, not the complete text. Blogspotting, he says, is one of the blogs that syndicates only blog summaries. To test this out, I'm going to summarize this post badly below, and see which engines find the post--and which are misled by the summary. I'll make it very obscure, so that few blogsurfers click on false bait.

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