Honey, You're Hired

I wanted to thank Lisa Bergson for "I Hired My Husband" (Summer, 2005). I found the article quite interesting. Five years ago I retired from a 25-year career in middle-market corporate banking to join my wife's company. In addition, I am a member of a CEO group that meets once a month with 14 CEOs of privately held companies, all with fewer than 50 employees. Of the 14, five of us work with our spouses.

Barry S. Cohn

RGEB Employee Benefits

Tarzana, Calif.

I enjoyed "I Hired My Husband." I spent 10 years on my own in a startup company, often depending on my wife's salary to make ends meet at home. We finally took a chance, and after 18 years working together we wouldn't want it any other way. It's important to keep trying to find that point where you each benefit the company most and enjoy the freedom of working together. My very best to Lisa and Jerry.

Daryl E. Inness

CEO, Protemp Associates

Portland, Ore.

I loved Lisa Bergson's article "I Hired My Husband."

So did I.

We are both ex-General Electric leaders. I'm a corporate-communications expert who started a firm in 1998 focused on improving internal communications performance in organizations. My husband, a former aerospace plant manager who also owned his own printing company, has been working for my company as business manager for the past 14 months.

Bergson's comments about romantic dinners caving to business talk illustrated well the perils of going tandem. However, like Bergson's spouse, my husband's candor, commitment, and operations proficiency has made this a perfect arrangement.

Linda Dulye

L.M. Dulye & Co.

Warwick, N.Y.

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