Technorati CEO unveils Google's blog search

Dave Sifry on Google's Blog Search.
Stephen Baker

After a full day of interviews in Silicon Valley (and no blogging), I drove up to San Francisco, where I sat across the desk from Technorati CEO Dave Sifry. Towards the end of our talk, I asked him a simple question: "When is Google going to buy you?"

"You didn't see that Google released its blog search today?" he asked.

Gulp. Hadn't seen it. So I moved over to Sifry's side of the desk, and he led me through Google search. Funny moment, maybe a little like watching Netscape's Marc Andreessen a decade ago taking a test drive on Internet Explorer.

Sifry, a serial entrepreneur, is philosophic about the entrance of the search giant into the field that Technorati leads. Everyone knew they were coming, he says. And companies that develop valuable services for the blog and RSS world will be rewarded, either as standalone companies or takeover targets.

What did he think of the Google engine? He liked the simple design and the speed, but noted that it processed only feeds, and that many of them were fragments. Still, if the service has shortcomings, Google has the wherewithal to address them.

Sifry praises Google for engineering a service that handles the skyrocketing growth of information with barely a hiccup. Technorati, by contrast, struggled this summer with scaling issues. The biggest problem: the company neglected to add servers to handle traffic that was growing monthly by 40%. Sifry and his team have to ace those logistics, especially now that Google's in their market.

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