AOL Survey Says.....

AOL survey finds that nearly 50% of bloggers say they blog as a form of self-therapy.
Heather Green

Ok, ok, ok. There are some blinding flashes of the obvious in a survey on blogging that AOL is releasing today. But you have to admit, when nearly 50% of the respondants said that they see blogging as a form of therapy, it makes you think. Typepad is what, $50 a year? Now, compare to your average $150 weekly therapist bill...

The therapy notion, though, fits into the idea that most people blog for themselves and a small group of friends. Because who do you tell your problems to, whether they want to hear them or not...

So here are the bullet points and the release:

"One-third of bloggers write about self-help and self-esteem topics.

Fifty-four percent like to share their thoughts and feelings with others, and 43% like to chronicle their life and interests.

In times of need or high anxiety, one-out-of-three people (31%) say they turn to either writing in their blog or reading the blogs of other people who are experiencing similar issues; that's six times as many people who prefer to seek help and counseling from a professional (5%). The No. 1 answer was seeking advice from family and friends: 32% vs. 31% who turn to blogs.

Only 16% of bloggers write a blog because they're interested in journalism, 12% to break news or stay ahead of the news and gossip curve, and only 8% write a blog to expose political information."

Just to line up all the ducks. The survey, officially known as the AOL® "Blog Trends Survey," was conducted between July 17-22 by Opinion Place, an online research site operated by DMS. And 600 people, AOL users and Web users (I guess non-AOL users) completed the survey.

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