MBA Blogs

You're invited you to join BW Online's new MBA Blog feature as a guest blogger

Our upcoming MBA Blog feature is an online community where you can interact and share your pursuits of an MBA, job search, life as a grad student, and much more. Whether you want to create your own web log online, exchange advice, or launch a professional network - come join our MBA Blog.

With MBA Blogs, you can:

Share your journey and give advice on what really goes on in obtaining your MBA

Connect with other like-minded people

Exchange ideas and opinions with peers

Build up your professional network The site is complete, but still may have a few bugs in it, or could use improving. Once you have used the site for a few days, we would welcome reports of bugs or suggestions that you might have to improve the site. We can't guarantee that we will be able to implement all of your suggestions, but any feedback you might have would be appreciated. Please send this feedback to

To get started...

Go to the MBA Blogs home page:

Please read the introductory information, and then click "Start your blog" to begin.

The first step will be to register with BusinessWeek Online, if you have not already done so.

You are then shown the terms and conditions for usage of the site. Please read this carefully.

You are then asked to provide a profile of yourself, so your readers can get to know you a little better.

After you have completed registration, you are left at the "Dashboard". You should click the name of your blog to bring up the administration pages.

Create blog entries by clicking "New Entry" after clicking "Entries"

You can edit postings you've already made by clicking or "Edit Entries" after clicking Entries.

Read and add comments to other blogs.

To get back to the main MBA blog index page from the Administration page, click "View Weblog," then click "MBA Blogs (BETA)." Once there, click one of the recent entries, or "Fresh Faces."

Try out some of the other tools and options available to you there (functions within Weblog, and Community). Have fun, and happy blogging!