Wisconsin Cares

We have just started a non-profit program called WISCONSIN CARES ABOUT MISSISSIPPI. This program will involve shipping donated Wisconsin products that are critical to the hurricane relief effort in Mississippi. These products include items such as bottled water, diapers, household paper products, baby products, tooth paste/brushes, etc. At a later point, other products that can be used to help rebuild Mississippi will be included in the program. Our partner in this endeavor is the Salvation Army. Once Wisconsin-donated products are delivered to our plant in Summit, Mississippi, the Salvation Army will distribe these products to victims throughout the areas affected by Katrina.

This entire program is staffed by volunteers. In just two days, Wisconsin companies have committed to 7 truckloads of critically needed products that will be distributed by the Salvation Army. Everyone in Wisconsin is praying for the successful rebuilding of Mississippi and the other states devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Our prayers are with you.

Wisconsin Cares About Mississippi -- www.wicaresforms.com

Jack Riopelle
Wisconsin Film and Bag
Shawano, Wisconsin

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