Is Technorati making deals to get data first?

A Wall Street Journal story indicates that Technorati cuts deals to get blog data before its competitors.
Stephen Baker

Feedmesh. It's an agreement among blog search engines to share their information about new blogs and feeds. The idea: The battle isn't over the data, but over the services provided from it.

But in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal story about blog search engines, I read this:

Technorati, for instance, relies mostly on a mechanism called "pinging" to monitor blogs. Most bloggers maintain their journals through blog publishing services like Blogger or LiveJournal, which have features that can automatically send out a "ping" to notify search services when a user's blog has been updated. David Sifry, chief executive of Technorati, says his company gets an edge from exclusive deals in which some blog-hosting companies ping Technorati before anyone else. After receiving a heads-up, Technorati visits the blog and updates its database.

What goes? Do these exclusive deals undermine the Feedmesh scheme? Thanks for WSJ link, Eric.

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