From the Editor

Entrepreneurs are very much part of a community, and many members of that community are now reeling from a disaster of unprecedented scope and magnitude. Hurricane Katrina has shattered lives, destroyed entire cities, and upended segments of our national economy. Among those left in the storm's wake are tens of thousands of small businesses.

As recovery efforts continue, focus will gradually shift toward rebuilding. And with that comes a glimmer -- faint as it may seem right now -- of hope. Because the small businesses starting to dig out today will become the building blocks of cities and towns that rise again.

Over the past week, I've had the chance to talk with a number of small-business owners across the nation, who expressed sympathy and support for their counterparts in the Gulf Coast region -- wishing they could deliver advice directly. My hope is that our new Katrina Help Desk will serve as a venue for just that kind of conversation.

So for those watching the devastation from afar, looking for a way to help, I hope you'll share words of encouragement and practical business tips. And for those slowly trying to rebuild, I invite you to tell your company’s story and to seek advice from the best people who can give it -- your own community of entrepreneurs.

Rod Kurtz
SmallBiz Editor
BusinessWeek Online

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