Top 40 searches including the word blog

In the top 40 blog searches, sex and radio fare well. But what's sky blog?
Stephen Baker

Ads on Blogs has put together a list of the top 40 searches in the last month including the word 'blog.' It's worth noting that lots of people are looking for radio blog. Not surprising that sex blog ranks high. But why would 'sky blog' outrank 'blog advertising'? I just did a search on it. Could it be that people are still fascinated by the Queen of the Sky, the Delta flight attendent fired for provocative poses on her blog? If she's outdrawing 'blog advertising,' it's sorry news for the blog economy.
UPDATE: A reader in comments clues us in that Sky Blog is the name of a blog service in France. So my speculation about the Delta flight attendent appears to be wrong. Sorry about that. (I'm actually relieved.)

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