Market intelligence corrupted by spam

A market intelligence company struggles to keep blog spam from corrupting its data
Stephen Baker

Blogs will fail to clearly reflect the world's ongoing conversation, as promised, until a solution is found to weed out the spam. This is a problem for companies monitoring blogs for market intelligence. Example: I was on a conference call a couple days ago with executives at Factiva, the Dow Jones-Reuters joint venture. They were showing me their new Factive Insight reputation intelligence tool. In a test case, we looked at press and blog coverage from Hewlett-Packard's perspective. We saw all kinds of charts showing how much was being written about printers, the stock price, the new CEO. But when we clicked to see what a specific blog was saying, we came face-to-face with a spam blog. It was an embarrassing moment for Factiva. But until spam is under control, they'e hardly the only ones in the blog world with corrupted data.

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