Spammers try flattery

Blog spammers are trying a new approach to get past comment mediators: flattery
Stephen Baker

I made my way downstairs in the dark (these days are getting shorter), turned on the computer, and was dumbstruck by the spate of glowing comments on this site:

It's been a long time since I so enjoyed reading posts in the net. Two thumbs up!

Just letting you know - your site is fantastic!

Cool site! I'll be back.

Seemed too good to be true, and of course it was. Spammers are trying out flattery. It's certainly harder to detect than their typical unadorned URLs.

So, if on the off-chance you're tempted to pay us a big fat compliment, don't be surprised if it gets tossed out with the spam. Maybe a more effective tack for the comment spammers--I hesitate to suggest it--would be to dress their come-ons as angry rants.

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