And the Audience for Podcasts is? Who knows.....

Heather Green

PaidContent and Techdirt dig through the two conflicting surveys from JupiterResearch and CLX on podcasts...and come up with the most logical line on who the audience for podcasts is....No one knows.

Is this a surprise? Are you surprised? I don't think you should be. As Techdirt writes, it's a young technology and a stable market for the audio recordings hasn't developed yet. There is tons of hype around podcasting that needs to be waded through.

I don't know about you, but to me, this is one of the fastest moving technologies I have seen in my 10 long years of covering the Internet. (Fun everyonceinawhile to sound like a grizzled veteran...)

Podcasting has just flung up tons of excitement and has amazing promise as a media game changer. But we kind of still need to treat it like an unstable chemical out of a lab. What shape will it take once it cools down?