Blog Spam and Selling Cars?

Heather Green

Charles Warner at Media Curmudgeon thinks that the amount of blog spam he's getting from GM and Chrysler may be a sign of desperation. Warner, who recently added comment registration and turned off trackback pings, reports that a good bit of the spam is from GM and Chrysler.

In a little leap of thinking, he took a look at BusinessWeek's most recent list of top 100 Global Brands and noticed that neither U.S. carmarker was to be found (although DaimlerChrysler's Mercedes brand was on the list). His warning? "GM and Chrysler aren't going to get on the top 100 global brands list by sending spam via Trackbacks to bloggers, a desperate, unethical tactic. Bloggers of the world unite and tell GM and Chrysler and any other company that sends spam via comments or TrackBacks to stop it."

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