When to Blog

Navigating when it makes sense to blog a story that's being written
Heather Green

It's a classic blog moment. After chatting and emailing with Fred Wilson, a VC here in NYC, for a story I am doing, Wilson then blogged about the conversations--though not in detail.

Knock me over with a feather. But as Steve Baker wrote here earlier this week, it's a turnabout for journalists that will happen more often. It's just another example of the new territory that's being mapped by blogs. After Wilson wrote his post, I wondered, should I have asked people here about the story? Should all stories be opened sourced? I don't think so. It's a little more intimate of a story, so lots of outside input wouldn't help my telling of it. Some stories become so much stronger through the help of a blog community, while others have been directly inspired by comments and emails from people who come to this blog.

And then, I think there are many bloggers who are looking for insight about an issue at work, home or their job, but who don't want to discuss everything entirely because they don't want to tip rivals, hurt family members, or anger co-workers unnecessarily. So again, no hard and fast rules. Do other people find this to be the case?

The funny thing was, I had asked the bloggers I was speaking with for the story if they wouldn't mind writing not writing about it until after it came out. But thinking that Wilson was less of a blogger and more of a VC (because that's how I knew him first) I didn't even think to ask him to hold off. Lesson learned. Bloggers are bloggers no matter how you know them!

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